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Some would call us the “New Kids on The Block”

We’re not new… We’re actually a company By Artists, For Artists, who have endured services from every music distribution company you can name, for the last 20 years! The issue with most is that they’ve never been on the artist’s side. 

The truth is, the artists who use our platform earn more than we do from it as a company! What other company allows that to happen?! Take a second to read about some ways we’re different below.

This page is consistently updated with new information. If you do not find an answer here, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form in our contact tab on the website. Members – contact support directly from inside of your account.


  • We Only Charge 1 Flat Yearly Fee for Music Distribution

  • Our platform fee is 10% of gross earnings not your NET earnings

  • Our fees stay the same whether releasing albums or singles

  • You Only Pay an additional $15 to add 5 Additional Artists

  • We take ZERO cut from your publishing royalties

  • We don’t charge for ISRC & UPC codes

  • No Yearly Fees for Video Distribution

  • The DSPs pay us and you separately

  • We don’t charge “legacy” fees

  • No extra fees for Content ID

  • They charge per artist or higher fees for label accounts

  • They charge fees to keep your music live on platforms

  • They take up to 7% on your withdrawal transactions

  • They charge per release and higher annual fees

  • They charge HIDDEN platform fees up to 30%

  • They charge more based on your release type

  • They take a 15-20% cut from your publishing

  • They charge Yearly for Video Distribution

  • They charge for ISRC & UPC codes

  • They charge you for Content ID


How Do I Add More Artists to My Account?

While uploading a new release, simply press “CREATE ARTIST”, then select the artist name from the dropdown menu after creating the new artist.

How long does release delivery take?

Your releases can be delivered as fast as 24-48 hours.

For Spotify playlist consideration, Spotify asks for up at least 4 weeks in advance before your release.

How do I contact support?

For customer/artist support, send an email to us at:

How can I submit lyrics?

You know when people have lyrics that come up on insta stories, Spotify, and Apple? That info is pulled from Musixmatch which is why it’s super important to have your lyrics up to date on here. Visit and get those lyrics up!


How Do I Get a Pre-Save Link?

Pre-Save links are automatically generated for releases scheduled at least 5 Days from your release date.


How much does iLLustrate keep in royalties?

With iLLustrate, you keep 100% of the net earnings paid out by digital stores on each of your releases. All sales earnings will be deposited directly into your iLLustrate account balance once paid out to us by the stores. You will then be able to withdraw earnings directly to your bank account as long as your balance exceeds the $10 USD minimum.

Generally, stores that sell music as digital downloads (like iTunes, Amazon Music and others) keep 30% of the sale (this is called the retail markup price). You keep 70% of a sale (this is called the wholesale price).

For stores that offer full-song streaming, there is a proportionate share worked out differently for every store. Pay rates for streaming sales vary each month. You will keep 100% of the revenue earned from streaming.

Through our partnership for publishing royalties, you keep 85% of all royalties collected. WE DO NOT TAKE ANY CUT OF THIS. Our partnering company does the work of making sure you’re paid from countries worldwide for your performances, plays, and radio broadcasts. You can even submit set lists to make sure!

How Fast Does Illustrate Pay Royalties?

EVERY music distribution company is paid 3 Months after you release music. This is when the DSP companies initially report your first set of earnings. Afterwards, earnings are paid out monthly.

How do I track my royalties/earnings?

In your VIP ARTIST DASHBOARD (must be logged in) simply press the streaming analytics icon.

Performance royalties are paid out by your PRO company (ASCAP/BMI) so you must visit their website to view those earnings.

How do I withdraw my royalties?

ILLustrate collects and pays out distribution, mechanical, and streaming royalties. If you are accumulating publishing earnings with our partner SongTrust, you can withdraw your earnings directly on their website.

See the screenshot to learn where to withdraw your iLLustrate royalties. You must be logged in to make withdrawals.

The button to send to your bank will appear once you’ve accumulated at least $10 USD in your account.


How do I transfer my releases to iLLustrate?


    Your audio and video files.
  1. ISRCs
    The unique track codes from your single or album. If you need help retrieving these please contact us via your artist dashboard or visit our handy ISRC finder here.


  1. Create an account with Illustrate (if you haven’t done so already!)
  2. Click the ‘Create New Release’ tile in the artist dashboard.
  3. Choose the ‘re-release of an existing single/album’ option
  4. When adding your tracks, select the option to enter your existing ISRC. Ensure you do this for EVERY track. This is how the tracks will link on Spotify and your streaming count will merge across
  5. Submit your release and we’ll do the rest!


  1. To ensure your stream counts merge to the Illustrate versions, ensure that your new release is delivered and live for 48hrs prior to issuing a takedown with your old distributor. If you click into the album page on Spotify desktop, look for the ‘1 More Release’ icon which indicates that the 2 releaes have successfully merged. (Note this can take 48hrs).

  2. When you see this symbol, send a request to your previous distributor to remove their version from all online stores;
    • Tunecore – click here
    • CD Baby – click here
    • Distrokid – click on the ‘Remove my music from all stores’ button after you click into your product
    • DITTO – go to your release and click on ‘Takedown’ button
How do I add a label name to my release?

During your release upload process, in Step 2, under Release Genres & Label Info, simply press the button that says “ADD NEW LABEL” to add a custom label name to your release.

How Do I Customize My TikTok Snippet?

On the 2nd page when uploading your release, you can choose a specific minute/second start time for your song to play on TikTok.

How do I setup iTunes pre-order?

During your release upload process, in Step 1, under Release Details, simply choose the “YES” option and a pre-order date. iTunes requires that this date be 3 weeks ahead of your release date.

Can I Upload Cover Songs?

During your release upload process, on Page 2, under Songwriter and Credits, simply choose the “This is a cover song” option and enter the proper song credits.


How do I stop my subscription?

You can login to your PayPal account or contact your credit card company to stop your subscription.

Will my music be taken down if I cancel?

No, we do not perform takedowns due to cancellations or inability to pay. However, we may modify the commission amount on payouts or temporarily disable your iLLustrate account.


We allow you to cash out directly to your bank when you generate a minimum of $10. Most companies require you to earn at least $50 USD before you can cash out your earnings.